The Traffic Signal Network


There does seem to be a need for good basic information that is available to everyone. To that end, traffic signal net is meant to be something different... truly for everyone.

For those in the traffic signal business it is meant to be a way to share articles, tips, and information on a non vendor-specific, agency-specific, region-specific and/or non-organization specific basis... a place where we can all get together regardless.

For everyone that is affected by traffic signals. This is a place to ask questions and find information.

How many times do we either have a question or get asked the same question? The Traffic Signal Network is a place to help each other.

Please feel free to visit the web board and leave a question or help someone else with theirs. Come back and visit often and help make this site useful to everyone: help it grow. If you have any topics you feel need to be covered, see a mistake on the site, have ideas, questions, article submissions, and/or etcetera - please email.

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